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Category: SKU: Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats

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9th May 2024, 30th May 2024, 12th June 2024, 26th June 2024, 17th July 2024, 7th August 2024, 21st August 2024, 25th September 2024, 16th October 2024, 30th October 2024, 13th November 2024, 27th November 2024, 11th December 2024

91 reviews for Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats

  1. T. Dowling

    Great instructor, lots of information, good pace, decent mix of classroom and practical. Lovely weather too!

  2. M Baldizzone

    Very good facilities, great knowledge and delivery of course matter.

  3. G Rawlings

    For a one day refresher course it dusted off a lot of the cobwebs – practical fully supported by theory.

  4. C Kennedy

    Yet again a top course, well presented, see you in 2026 🙂

  5. R McBurnie

    Instructors were excellent with delivery of the course with an excellent delivery of the course. Great training facility. Joining instructions also very good and clear.

  6. J Hall

    A good course, instructors were very clear and kept it interesting.

  7. R Newcombe

    Excellent course pace and informative with brilliant knowledgeable, friendly instructors, good mix of practical and classroom. Facilities and equipment both very good.

  8. S Mclouglin

    I thought the course was very useful, correctly paced and the right level

  9. M Smith

    The instructors were very caring and professional also patient and very knowledgeable. The academy is excellent, good amenities and friendly staff, very easy to find.

  10. L Ogden

    Very good course, very enjoyable and good to refresh your skills.

  11. J Seaman

    A well presented course by Andrew, very concise and informative.

  12. C Ruse

    Andrew lead the course very well, he is a very friendly and knowledgeable instructor.

  13. A Williams

    Instructor was great and ramped up through the day.
    Course instructor was professional a really got his safety points over.
    Great course. Great venue, hope to come back in 5 years time!

  14. A Johns

    The instructor was excellent, the venue and apparatus was also brilliant, it was not a chore being here today.

  15. J Smith

    Fantastic training, instructor was extremely knowledgeable, very good balance between theory and practical was conducted safely and effectively. I wasn’t rushed and made sure everyone got a turn. 100% will recommend.

  16. J Evans

    Instructors were very engaging and knowledgeable. Good Covid guidelines and social distancing. Course was informative and hands on. Only a limited number on a course so plenty of opportunity for practice. Very well delivered.

  17. A Potter

    Good and well organised course.

  18. Alex Stones

    All aspects covered clearly. Practical parts were great. All made to feel welcome, very friendly.
    Great course conducted at a good pace. Nothing overlooked, extremely happy.

  19. George Gillingham

    First time here, great hope to come again!!!

  20. Tom Sexton

    All instructors had a perfect balance of professionalism and friendly banter, perfect.

  21. John Purves

    Excellent refresher course, kept attendees involved at all stages.

  22. Ian Daines

    A well paced course with excellent recourses and expert delivery.

  23. Liam Drew

    Instructors are very well informed and all the staff are polite!

  24. Christopher Carr

    The instructors have great knowledge and are very friendly. Very well taught course, good mix of classroom and practical teaching. Would highly recommend.

  25. Daniel Tindale

    Very good course, definitely will recommend to other crew and friends, thanks again, Dan.

  26. William Bell

    The instructors answered all questions we put to them very well, they had the right balance of friendliness.
    Good mix of informative classroom work and practical work.

  27. Paul King

    Our instructor was Luc, very thorough, explained everything and never rushed, good pace.
    Luc was very calming not at all overwhelming. I thought the course was well balanced between classroom and practical.
    The pace of the course was good and nobody felt overwhelmed.

  28. J Short

    Practical, enjoyable and informative course.

  29. J Elworthy

    What a great course, would highly recommend, excellent teacher!

  30. Peter Turner

    Luc was very knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear and friendly manner. A very enjoyable course with friendly staff and in a nice secluded spot. I will be happy to return in future and will recommend to others.

  31. Tobias Brand

    Excellent course, great equipment and good facilities. The team coped with the current Covid regulations very well. Many thanks.

  32. T G Goddard

    High standard of professionalism and friendliness, very enjoyable day. Thank you.

  33. Robert Arnold

    Really enjoyed the course, the instructors were very friendly and the course instructors are really knowledgeable.

  34. Darren Davies

    Instructors and teaching very good, covered everything at a good pace to learn. Overall very good.

  35. Peter George

    Overall a good experience, friendly people. Very informative. Going away from the course happy. Would use again for sure.

  36. Sean Woodcraft

    Very well delivered course, good facilities with good training resources.

  37. Robert Hughes

    Luc was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the course content.
    The UPSCRB course met all expectations as well as increasing knowledge and filling gaps.

  38. Robat Owen

    Instructors had good knowledge, good teaching style got the class involved rather than death by power point!
    Very good course, enjoyable, instructors very knowledgeable and made it a fun informative day.
    Very good practical work too.

  39. David Winstone

    Course run professionally with concise and relevant update on information

  40. Zahroron Sos

    Knowledgeable and friendly instructor, use of other students prior knowledge/experience allowed for efficient use of time to cover course content.

  41. C Matson

    Instructor was a hero! All the instructors were helpful, polite and informative. Fantastic, will use again and recommend to others.

  42. Nicholas Crawford

    Well paced for an update course – all expected items covered. Both theory and practical well covered.

  43. S Lockwood

    Course content and instructor perfect.

  44. Allan W

    Training in the quarry was much more realistic with regards to appreciating the elements than versus in the swimming pool.

  45. JPH

    Great course delivered with humour and seriousness, good balance of theory and practical, Thanks!

  46. William L.

    Clear informative teaching, kept course content interesting, questions all answered and spoken to individually.
    Excellent facility with good instructors, highly recommend.

  47. Laurence D

    The course is well structured and well delivered. All participants given ample time to ask questions and understand all aspects of the course.

  48. Andrew V.

    I enjoyed the mix of classroom to practical ratio.
    The practical training gave me complete knowledge of all roles involved in the launch and recovery of survival crafts.
    It was taught in a logical way.

  49. Ian George

    Fantastic location. Very well layed out facilities. Calming practices.

  50. Ryan Carter

    Great location & realistic ambitions

  51. Joshua Wilks

    Well thought out training and helpful in refreshing techniques and understanding. Instructors were thorough and teaching was concise. Friendly, and calm and good pace of teaching

  52. Matthew Taylor

    Instructors are very friendly and happy to stop and clarify any points raised by students. Very approachable. Took a genuine interest in us.
    Great staff and good facilities. Highly recommend!

  53. Matthew Bartlett

    Very informative and covered all expected areas and more.

  54. Rhys Hopkins

    Excellent Instruction. Good course content. Engaging.

  55. Mairin Hunter

    Great refresher
    Clear & concise with all necessary information conveyed

  56. Ian Smith

    A very well structured course.

  57. Guy Pritchard

    Good location, nowhere else in this part of the country. friendly staff. Will do all my certificates here in future.

  58. Darren Lavery

    Professional staff, good PPE & equipment, buildings etc.

  59. Steve French

    All very good, high standard. Informative and at a good pace for all students.

  60. Oliver Watkins

    Great facility for the course, easy to get to for the South West area. Would recommend to anyone in the area.

  61. Simon Neale

    A course delivered excellently by Luc. Just as important as content is how its delivered. It’s my first time at South West Maritime Academy. I’ll be back later in the year to do the rest. Great instructor, great location, Great equipment.

  62. Danny Layer

    Very clear instruction given throughout course, covered everything. Spot on.

  63. Matt Mathews

    Fantastic course, tutor and facilities. Thanks very much!

  64. Mark Sinclair

    Really good course, pitched at us as professional seamen. Good value + Informative

  65. M W Moore

    Excellent Course, Very professional. Luc excellent.

  66. Clive Nimmo-Williams

    Good teaching methods, very friendly and approachable. Content was not overwhelming and covered everything we needed to know. Good Day, Thanks 🙂

  67. Alan Wilson

    The course was done in a good friendly manner, really enjoyed the day

  68. A Wilts

    Everything we needed was covered – Excellent!

  69. Michael Brown

    Instructors were very knowledgeable, course taught in a very friendly style. Good course, well instructed.

  70. S.Ashdown

    A good PSCRB refresher, very well taught.

  71. S.Clarke

    Very Good.

  72. Martin Rodea

    Instructors were clear and professional and had extensive knowledge.
    Very good to keep this important knowledge fresh in your mind

  73. Peter Gross

    Very good layout and pace of instruction

  74. Nigel Page

    A very good instructor with a good knowledge of subject and put across in a clear and consistent way.

  75. Gary C.

    Very good all around.
    Will be back!

  76. Alexandra Booth

    Good course, good location

  77. Rhiannon Pritchard

    Really enjoyed both courses this week. Instructors were knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend SWMA.

  78. Christopher Carr

    Very well taught course, good mix of classroom and practical teaching. Would highly recommend

  79. Nick Andain

    Great course freezing weather added authenticity.

  80. Allyn Lewis

    Fourth time at Beyond Limits/ South West Maritime Academy, will be back for more in the future.

  81. Steven Rendell

    Well instructed course overall, instructor came across well.

  82. Tobias Titley

    The course given was straight forward talking. Clear and concise.

  83. Hamish Mackenzie

    Experienced, knowledgeable, practical and happy to go into detail. Will recommend the Academy to anyone.

  84. A Macdonald

    Knowledgeable instructors, enjoyable day.

  85. Alex Katsaros

    Excellent course with an excellent instructor -Simple as that! Thank you.

  86. Alan Faulkner

    Very happy to have found you, I will be back for any courses in the future.

  87. John Fisher

    Concise well covered all aspects, pleasant surroundings, would recommend to others

  88. Jonathan Smith

    Very friendly staff, will be back for other courses.

  89. Gilad Shub

    Very professional, able to answer all questions in depth. Good delivery and high level of equipment. Highly recommended for all sea goers.

  90. Kerry

    I learnt tons, much more than I expected, considering it’s a refresher course. Hands down better than my last STCW. Will recommend to all yachty fellows

  91. Soaje Ignacio

    Great instructors and refreshed the techniques with real equipment is very important for the safety and proper way to make our job.

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