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Water Safety:



  • Demonstrate an awareness of safe practices and accident prevention in order to minimise risks including the types of emergency situations which may occur, such as collisions, fire, grounding and man overboard the need to adhere to the principles of survival
  • Identifiy the types of life saving appliances normally carried on inland waterways vessels for the relevant areas of operation including lifebuoys, lifejackets/vests, lines
  • Describes the correct utilisation of appliances to aid another crew member, or self in the water
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of effects of immersion in water including hypothermia and how to treat affected persons
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of recovery procedures in man-overboard situations

Additional elements for categories C and D, and adjacent coastal sea

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of types of lifejackets likely to be carried on board including the donning and use of lifejackets
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the types of life rafts likely to be carried and encountered on board including
  • Stowage and deployment, Maintenance and servicing requirements, Hydrostatic release units,
  • Distress signals, helicopter strop and portable radio equipment or set (if any)


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