Under the new STCW 2010 requirements for training and certification, holders of an Advanced Fire Fighting certificate will require updated proficiency training in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, and also Updated proficiency Advanced Fire Fighting every five years.

For further information on Updated Training – download MIN469

This course contains some exercises that are physically demanding. Any candidate unsure of their fitness for such activities should consult their doctor.

Learning outcomes

There are four outcomes to the training.

Outcome 1: The learner knows how to control fire fighting operations aboard ship
Outcome 2: The learner knows how to organise and train fire parties
Outcome 3: The learner knows how to inspect and service fire detection and extinguishing systems
and equipment
Outcome 4: The learner is able to investigate and compile reports on incidents involving fire

Prerequisites: Must have completed the Advanced Fire Fighting training course

Duration: 7 Hours

Cost: £225 (Please note all prices include vat @20%)

Location: South West Maritime Academy, Cromhall Quarry, Cromhall, South Gloucestershire, GL12 8AA

Certification: Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting

Certificate validity: 5 years


There is a wide range of local accommodation, some of which are within walking distance of the training centre to suit everyone’s budget.

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