IDEST Approved Cylinder Testing Centre covering Bristol and surrounding areas

As an IDEST approved cylinder testing centre, we offer on site hydrostatic cylinder tests and visual inspections as laid out in the appropriate British Standards for steel, aluminium and composite cylinders. In addition to this we also carry out internal shot blasting, Oxygen service cleaning for cylinders, valves & manifolds.

We offer this at our facilities based in Cromhall, South Gloucestershire and serve many local areas including Bristol and Bath.


What is actually done during a visual inspection or hydraulic cylinder test?

Visual cylinder inspection

The external and internal surfaces of the cylinder are examined for deformity or damage and the surfaces will be appropriately cleaned as necessary.

Both the cylinder and valve threads will be checked using calibrated thread gauges to ensure that there is no stretching or deformity.

Inspection period

SCUBA diving cylinders: 2 1/2 years

Hydraulic cylinder testing

Before a cylinder is hydraulically tested it has to pass a visual inspection. Then it is filled with water and subjected to it’s test pressure. The technician verifies and records using a test gauge that it returns to its original volume or within an acceptable 5% limit. The cylinder is dried, reassembled and filled with clean air or appropriate gas to its working pressure.

Test periods

SCUBA diving cylinders: 5 years

Breathing apparatus: 5 years

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We are open 0900hrs – 1700hrs Monday to Friday so please feel free to drop off your cylinders anytime.

Turn around time is 5-7 days as standard and will contact you as soon as it is ready. Your cylinders will always come back full and ready to go with a maximum pressure of 300bar.

Air Fills

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