South West Maritime Academy

Who Are We?

South West Maritime Academy is a leading specialist provider of high quality training courses. Our training spans a wide range of disciplines including:

i) Maritime Safety – including the STCW and STCW2010 Update training and certification courses, all approved by the MCA.

ii) Medical Training – including Emergency First Aid at Work, AED and Medical First Aid courses.

iii) Fire Training – including STCW Advanced Fire Fighting and the workplace Fire Marshal courses.

iv) Bespoke Training – options for organisations including those working in the maritime industry as well as corporate clients across a range of industries.

v) Maritime Leisure training – based around the RYA syllabus and covering courses such as Powerboat Level 2, VHF Radio (online) and Professional Practices & Responsibilities (online).

Our training is largely run from our unique bespoke training facility in South West England. Our prime location just off a major junction of the M5 motorway and within striking distance of both Bristol and South Wales mean we are ideally placed to provide solutions to all your training requirements.

We can provide some training on site for clients too, such as Emergency First Aid at Work and Fire Marshal group courses. These can be for a maximum of 12 people for a fixed cost, and can be tailored to suit your business type or location/site.

Our specialist team of instructors are selected due to their extensive experience across emergency medicine, military and maritime environments – this ensures that all participants benefit from our direct personal experience of their instructors.  Participants therefore master the required skills and knowledge through a combination of independent study, instructor led skills development and scenario practice sessions.  Instructors can also provide additional relevant information to meet specific industry, workplace or local training requirements.

Why Choose Us?

We are different. 

Unlike some training providers, our instructors all have direct experience in the real life environments which form part of the specialist training scenarios, as well as a commitment and passion for imparting knowledge and skills which is second to none.

We are engaging.

Our scenarios and environments are designed to be as realistic as possible and we engage all participants through training techniques including: active participation, hands on learning, and demonstrations through scenario training and utilising a variety of media formats.

We are successful.

Our pass rate for all courses is 100% and many of our previous participants have now secured employment relevant to the skills and training they received.  Additionally 100% of those who have completed our training courses would recommend us to a friend.

We can support you.

We are able to help you complete skills gap assessments for your organisation and tailor training programmes which will benefit your employees and facilitate compliance with statutory requirements.  We can operate within our own facilities, on your premises or on board vessels (maritime only) to optimize time spent training with us and we provide on-going video refresh support through our website and course hand outs.

Whatever and wherever you choose, we will adapt and develop specific training and programmes to support your needs and will also remind you when re-certification is required for individuals to ensure continued compliance.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you are an individual or large corporation looking to expand or refresh your skills and knowledge base, we can accommodate a wide range of requirements from one off training to an on-going bespoke training package to ensure statutory compliance across your organisation.

First Aid & Medical Training

The ability to provide basic CPR and first aid support is an essential skill which affects all aspects of our lives.  Whether you work in education, construction, a corporate office environment or run your own business, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to provide first aid – in the vast majority of cases this will be to help someone you know.  Employers have a legal duty of care to ensure that immediate first aid is available in the event of an accident or falling ill at work.  Our courses cover a wide range of basic, intermediate and advanced first aid skills – for more information on our range of First Aid & Medical Training courses please click here.

Maritime Training

Our maritime courses include personal survival techniques, security, basic safety, basic and advanced fire prevention and fire fighting as well as specific powerboat courses and the Boat Masters’ License, which are Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved courses.  We are able to offer combined package deals for a one stop shop for your maritime training requirements – for more information on our range of Maritime Training courses please click here.

Fire Safety Training

From fire marshal training for workplace environments, to enclosed space on board fire prevention and MCA approved Advanced Fire Fighting, we can provide the essential skills and knowledge to prevent fire incidents and to safely utilise specialist equipment to control and extinguish fires – for more information on our range of Fire Safety Training courses please click here.

For more information about our individual courses or if you would like to discuss specific and bespoke training programmes or requirements, please contact us via email at: or call +44 (0)1454 260 130