Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy; the role, the career, the opportunities and the background.


Welcome to our section on Merchant Navy careers.  Here you’ll find everything you need to know about working within the sector – the training and certification you’ll need to get started and to progress through the ranks and roles.

More than ‘just’ the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Merchant Navy encompasses a broad variety of vessel types, organisations, opportunities, roles and experiences.

We’ve included useful information relating to recruitment and career opportunities, training and certification and also recruitment and funding providers, so you can see where your training can take you and how to get it all started. This page aims to support you both in your first sector career steps as well as your development throughout what can be an exciting and adventurous career.

Take a look at the link to Maritime UK’s great Merchant Navy careers page to find out a few more details and get a great idea of what life in this career path can entail –

How do I get started in a career with the merchant navy? It’s always tough knowing (or understanding!) where you need to start in a new career, whether it be a cold-start or a transfer of skill sets for those within the maritime industry. The following links will, we hope, provide you with some background and insights, as well as a starting point for first steps into your new career:

Royal Navy – Royal Fleet Auxiliary Careers

Careers at Sea

Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB)


For more information on the industry, careers, recruitment and training, please simply click on the links below:

Industry Overview 

Training and Certification

Recruitment and Careers

Photo: Merchant Navy training can include the STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats as part of your career progression, something we specialise in at SWMA.