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STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

Course Content:

Learning outcome

The learner is able to maintain the required standard of competence in STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.

Learning objectives

1. Correctly use portable and mobile (wheeled) fire extinguishers on appropriate fire types

2. Correctly use hoses, nozzles and hose equipment, including:
i. Different types and sizes of hose and their connections;
ii. Different types of nozzle;
iii. Nozzle maintenance and stowage requirements;
iv. Use of foam-making equipment.

3. Extinguish different types of fires as a member of a team using a range of equipment commonly
found on board, including:
i. Fires with foam, powder or any other suitable chemical agent;
ii. Confined area fire with water fog applicator;
iii. Oil fire with dry chemical powder/foam applicators;
iv. Extensive fires with water using jet/spray nozzles

4. Test and use BA and associated equipment, covering:
i. Principles of operation of typical BA equipment;
ii. Equipment checks on start-up and use;
iii. Gauge checks, correct team working and communication;
iv. Safe procedures (door opening, ladder use, search procedures, rescue techniques and evacuation
procedures) in reduced visibility/foam;
v. Casualty rescue (using a dummy), communication and team work in a smoke-filled environment;
vi. Fighting fire in an accommodation or engine room area in heavy smoke.

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Additional information

Course Dates:

8th May 2024, 29th May 2024, 11th June 2024, 25th June 2024, 16th July 2024, 6th August 2024, 20th August 2024, 24th September 2024, 15th October 2024, 29th October 2024, 12th November 2024, 26th November 2024, 10th December 2024

21 reviews for Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

  1. R Dodge

    Excellent instructor, all very good!

  2. C Berttuello

    Fantastic, down to earth teaching, excellent facilities with friendly instructors.

  3. N P Smith

    As always a very thorough and interesting course. Have told work colleagues who all use this facility now. Better than other colleges I’ve been to John and staff keep it real!!

  4. J Render

    Excellent instructors, a good pace and understanding of individual needs.
    Best Fire Fighting course I’ve been on in 24 years at sea!

  5. K Watt

    Very relaxed and covered relevant aspects in depth, staff were very friendly and were happy to go over anything.

  6. D Gee

    Instructors have good knowledge, open to questions with excellent explanation during demos, excellent live demonstrations with a build on existing knowledge.

  7. John Davies

    Excellent videos, good examples.

  8. C Leggett

    Course was great. Very friendly staff, as with all fire fighting courses maximising live fire ground activities is always welcomed, see you again.

  9. Dan Maclellan

    Very Good!

  10. M Hughes

    Excellent, knowledgeable, safe and informative.

  11. Nathaniel Gregory

    Excellent and friendly tutors, they were very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

  12. Phil Howarth

    Instructors were very good, very approachable, had good knowledge and presentation skills.
    The academy is in a convenient location, great for one day courses.

  13. Charlie Triggs

    Instructors and teaching are very good, the teaching was kept at ease and informative. Fantastic course.

  14. James Charles

    The dedication & professional approach to the courses made for an enjoyable day. I look forward to my next course at SWMA.

  15. Aimee H.

    The instructors were very patient and informative.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Group size allowing for time and one to one understanding with instructors.
    I felt like I learnt more this time round.
    I would definitely recommend. Thank you

  16. Jonathan Graham

    The instructors made the course interesting.
    Thanks for the informative course; I will be back again in the future.

  17. Tom J.

    Great instructor.
    Good amount of hands-on time and theory.
    Second course I’ve done at South West Maritime Academy and will do more.

  18. Shaun Gates

    The course was very well set out, fire ground facilities were very good and the whole team were very helpful and friendly.

  19. Maksym Polasiak

    Very glad to be here, high level of professionalism. Hope to be here again.

  20. Rupert Jones

    The course flowed very well. The instructor got the info across in a manor that was easily understandable. I was glad of the update. I got to ride in a fire engine!!!!

  21. J Cole

    Very good style, enjoyed! Experience level high of staff. Will come back

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