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4th – 5th May 2024, 11th – 12th May 2024, 18th – 19th May 2024, 25th – 26th May 2024, 1st – 2nd June 2024, 8th – 9th June 2024, 15th – 16th June 2024, 22nd – 23rd June 2024, 29th – 30th June 2024, 6th – 7th July 2024, 13th – 14th July 2024, 20th – 21st July 2024, 27th – 28th July 2024, 3rd – 4th August 2024, 10th – 11th August 2024, 17th – 18th August 2024, 24th – 25th August 2024, 31st August – 1st September 2024

36 reviews for RYA Powerboat Level 2

  1. S Bonser

    Good course giving valuable first insight into controlling a motorboat. Good mix of practical and theory.

  2. H Jones

    A really helpful introduction to power boat skills, providing a good understanding of practical boat handling and the theory around being safe on the water.

  3. M Woodward

    Excellent course run at a speed all participants were comfortable with.

  4. S John

    Much more achieved than I had expected. Very good teaching with good in depth understanding of objectives.

  5. T Rees

    The instructor was very skilled and patient, a worthwhile course to build confidence and competence for boat charters away and at home.

  6. Glenn L

    The difference in my confidence and ability from the beginning of the course to the end was night and day, great experience.

  7. I Higgs

    Really well run course and Stuart made us feel confident with handling the boat and made sure we received all the knowledge going forward into our next adventure.

  8. Charlie S

    I had a great time, awesome boat and facilities. Instructor Stuart was brilliant.

  9. J Wright

    Gained the knowledge I needed to progress in my career, thank you

  10. K Adams

    Didn’t know what to expect, challenged myself and proved I could gain reasonable confidence of tasks with knowledge that a lot made sense. There was a good combination of encouragement it sticks!

  11. G Adams

    highly practical course that gave above the basic requirements expected.

  12. Louise B

    Great course, very capable instructor, fun and well paced.

  13. C Firkins

    The course was well thought out and you felt very relaxed as the instructor took time to get to know you during the weekend. . Could not have been better!

  14. S Legge

    Instructor was very calm and collective and the pace of the course was perfect.

  15. R Watson

    Instructor has amazing patience and explains in detail. Explains thoroughly on questions asked.

  16. J Price

    Good fun, learned loads feel 100 times more confident on a power boat now. Highly recommend!

  17. I Danks

    Tailored to mine and the other students needs, gave me confidence and identified areas for improvement and where to go from here.

  18. L Boulton

    Content had more than expected, which has increased my knowledge. Trainer very clear and experienced, thanks

  19. D Nicholls

    The instructor, Stuart was very professional and gave me as much support as possible.

  20. C Stratton

    Stuart was supportive but firm – drilled the tasks until he was satisfied it was ingrained, perfect approach – giving confidence and stretching me too – GREAT!

  21. Ewan Murdoch

    Excellent trainer, lots learnt at a great pace. Lots of informative advice.

  22. Mike Raven

    Great hands on training, very knowledgeable instructor. Achieved more than I expected and feel very confident now. Excellent!

  23. Iain Kennedy

    Although it was a short course, I felt in charge of the boat for periods during the second day. The routing was not only good experience but an impressive view too!

  24. Christine Fraser

    I feel confident after this course that I could take a powerboat out safety. I really enjoyed learning such a variety of skills.

  25. Stuart Reynolds

    Stuart clearly knows his stuff and ensures you feel comfortable and safe while operating the boat. The lessons were well paced, allowing us to go back over any areas of weakness leaving me feeling confident in my ability.

  26. Kyle Jones

    Instructor was extremely calm and straight forward. Right balance of fun and serious. Clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. Teaching style was very hands on and instructor was very open to suggestions, questions and a chat. Excellent 2 day course getting real hands on with a powerboat. Going from nervous at the wheel to confidently manoeuvring the vessel in tight spaces and at speed.

  27. Tudor Sartain

    Stuart was incredibly calm and instilled confidence with his approach and knowledge. The course gave us great hands on problem solving opportunities. A great course that instilled confidence and was fantastically taught. Lots of practical hands on experience and Stuart could answer anything we asked. Would definitely recommend!

  28. Sam Ford

    Calmly taught, allowed us to make errors but guided us how to resolve and avoid making the same mistakes again. Very knowledgeable.
    Right level of chatty to seriousness. Happy to answer any questions no matter how silly we thought they were.
    Great course. Stuart is a credit to SWMA. Took me from never being at the helm to comfortably doing 180 degree turns in a small area, making pilotage plans and negotiating estuaries.

  29. Charles Elderton

    Very professionally taught by Stuart. Felt pushed but in a very encouraging way. great to share experiences + learn from each other. Keep up the great work.

  30. Guy Fletcher

    Instructor has a very good style of teaching – kept us at ease whilst supporting us to understand. He was very experienced – came through in the training. Learned a lot in 2 days thanks to Stuart’s help – I made mistakes but felt I learned from them & now feel confident I could take the CSAC RHIB out to continue my experience/practice.

  31. Dan Nurse

    Instructor understood our needs as divers and met our needs. He was very professional but also kept the course fun and exciting. Down to earth and respectful. Superb instruction and boat. Gave us time to perfect each skill and allowed time for questions and explanations. Thank you A+++

  32. Andrew Rice

    Very knowledgeable + professional. Gained a lot of confidence from the course. it was nice that the course was tailored for our needs with diving in mind. Many thanks.

  33. Bruce Watson

    Thoroughly enjoyable, accessible + steady paced. Stuart’s expertise are both educational + reassuring.

  34. Piotr C.

    Great course.

  35. Daryl Harada

    Great course with a great instructor!

  36. Sam Packman

    Excellent course.
    Our instructor was a credit to South West Maritime Academy. He was full of knowledge, he fully explained everything that we needed and more importantly made it fun.
    Can’t recommend enough!!!

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