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STCW Basic Safety Training Course content:

Our STCW Basic Safety Training Course, often referred to as the STCW95 or STCW2010, package is a 5 day course consisting of the 4 basic modules and the new mandatory Proficiency in Security Awareness. Click on any of the links below for more information on the specific module.

Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1)

The module provides knowledge of essential prevention and survival techniques. It includes both theoretical and practical sessions, investigating causes of distress, knowledge and use of equipment, launch and recovery of life rafts, preparation for survival, personal survival skills and use of search and rescue organisations

Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (STCW A-VI/1-2)

The module deals with the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of fires aboard ship, how fires are caused and the first means of extinguishing them. The course includes practical training in the use of fire fighting equipment and the use of breathing apparatus for fire fighting and rescue.

Elementary First Aid (STCW A-VI/1-3)

The module is a combination of theory and practical training for basic first aid and life saving skills. This course is intended for all seafaring personnel who need to be able to practice elementary first aid on board ship. It comprises the knowledge required in STCW 95 Table A-VI/1-3 and provides an introduction to the principles of first aid. It shows how to respond to the most common medical emergencies.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (STCW A-VI/1-4)

The module gives basic induction training in safety procedures and accident prevention and familiarizes novice seafarers with employment and working conditions aboard. It is a classroom based course.

Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW A-VI/6-1)

All seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity on ships required to comply with the ISPS code are required to undertake the Proficiency in Security Awareness course. The course provides necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to personnel intending to work on ships who will not have any designated security duties.


Add-On’s and Additional Training

Crowd Management – Many of our passenger vessel students require Crowd Management in addition. This can be booked and taken fully integrated within the 5 days of the Basic Safety Training course. Add it on to your course by selecting the ‘Crowd Management’ page and giving us a call in the office.

Passenger Safety – Another course that can be integrated within the Basic Safety Training, this is ideal for those looking for a career on ferry vessels. Please call us if you require this add-on.

Crisis Management and Human Behaviour – Required by some passenger vessels, the STCW Crisis Management and Human Behaviour is a stand alone course that can supplement the Basic Safety Training, but must be taken as a stand-alone course. Check out the dates on our course page, or call us to find a ate that works for you.

Proficiency in Designated Security Duties – Required by crew working on a vessel who have a designated security duty. This one day course builds on the basics covered in your Proficiency in Security Awareness, which comes as part of our STCW Basic Safety Training Week package. You can find out more about the PDSD course and make a booking through this link.


More details about the STCW Basic Safety Training course and why it is important can be found within MSN 1865

Additional information

Course Dates:

20th – 24th May 2024, 3rd – 7th June 2024, 17th – 21st June 2024, 8th – 12th July 2024, 22nd – 26th July 2024, 12th – 16th August 2024, 2nd – 6th September 2024, 16th – 20th September 2024, 7th – 11th October 2024, 21st – 25th October 2024, 4th – 8th November 2024, 18th – 22nd November 2024, 2nd – 6th December 2024

233 reviews for Basic Safety Training Week

  1. Pete D

    The facility is in a beautiful location, the grounds are well kept and the instructors are absolutely fantastic at what they do, with solid real life experiences of the subject they teach.

  2. S Cook

    Very well instructed, instructors all very nice, great equipment and knowledge.

  3. J Weavers

    Fantastic course, great instructors, Phil, Darren, John and Jordan were excellent, I would highly recommend to anyone looking to complete their STCW. Highly professional and knowledgeable individuals.

  4. D Atkinson

    Instructors were very informative, considerate, with a great sense of humour! Loved it! A great pace and fantastic instructors!

  5. Z Raymond

    The instructors had great knowledge, they were great fun, great peolple, great memories, great experience. Highly recommend!

  6. G Phillips

    Brilliant instructors, they were clear and concise for all parts of the course.

  7. J Knopp

    Fantastic experience. Great knowledge that could save a life…….or my own.
    Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the experience and I hope to be back.

  8. E Sparkes

    I was slightly nervous to start the course but everyone has been fab. I have learnt so much and felt at ease throughout all areas of the course.

  9. K Taylor

    The course was really thorough and all instructors made sure to check that all participants were keeping up with the pace. Questions throughout the week to check in with learning was really good.

  10. R Lewis

    I thought it was a really well paced course. Staff were friendly and approachable very experienced and encouraging. It’s a brilliant base of knowledge for working on a boat.

  11. J Price

    Very good, great friendly staff. Now feel set to take the rest on.

  12. J Blundell

    It was not only informative but fun too. I felt reassured and safe at all times every instructor was friendly kind and professional. A fantastic week. 🙂

  13. M Juskaite

    It was an amazing experience. I feel like I’ve learned so much in the last 5 days. Everything was explained before every practical element. which made me feel confident and safe. Highly recommend

  14. J Wright

    The instructors had great knowledge and a great atmosphere. It was great learning new and exciting information, thanks again.

  15. E Grange

    Incredible training! Amazing experience, fantastic facilities, friendly and knowledgeable instructors. I would highly recommend. Thank you!

  16. H O’Brien

    Before this course I had no maritime experience, this course was delivered in such a way that I now feel more comfortable in the areas covered and would be keen to partake in other future courses. The instructors were amazing people!

  17. J Ensom

    Of all the courses I’ve ever done in my life, this I would recommend to everyone whose work involves teamwork, dangers, decision making and responsibility.

  18. L Fryer

    The course is worth every penny and so valuable to be certified at the end of it. I recommend it to anyone even considering a career in the maritime industry.

  19. P Wai

    Very good course, learned a lot more than I expected.

  20. C Pett

    Good fun – even on the elements that I had done before…..Instructors made the course.

  21. G Fox

    This course provided an excellent introduction to fire fighting and sea survival. I would highly recommend the course and training centre to anyone looking to enter the maritime industry.

  22. C Nott

    Instructors have a very good level of knowledge, everything is explained and comprehensive, they are friendly, approachable and have a good style of teaching.
    This was a great course very well delivered by friendly and highly competent trainers. It was an amazingly thorough and fun week. Highly recommend.

  23. W Robson

    Justin and co are highly professional and offered us a wealth of knowledge! Good humans delivering good lessons in an accessible and professional way, besides this they were all just good dudes. Need more to be said? (I think not) Peace.
    The course delivered exactly what you would hope for and more, as simple as that.

  24. E Moaksom

    The course was delivered with a great balance of theory taught in the classroom and practical work. All instructors ensured each individual understood every aspect of the course.

  25. L Norman

    Every instructor was passionate about each subject and knew everything inside out! They were funny, friendly and made everything so interesting! Perfect! What a joy!
    What an incredible week! Being a singer I never thought I would be lucky enough to be involved in this sort of training, but it has been such a wonderful week, which I have learnt so much from! I didn’t want it to end! I will recommend this to everyone! Thank you!

  26. D Seargeant

    Quality instructors, knowledgeable and friendly and good teaching methods.
    Feel well informed and safer as a result. Really enjoyed all the Basic Safety Training.
    Thanks guys looking forward to coming back.

  27. J O’Hara

    Brilliant friendly and knowledgeable trainers, Excellent venue, Feel much more confident if dealing with a fire or escaping a boat or giving First Aid.

  28. D Wilson

    Excellent instructors, very knowledgeable, took time to make sue I fully understood the topic. Everyone made you feel at ease from arrival to leaving.
    I did arrive quite apprehensive about certain elements of the course but the instructors were brilliant, no pressure placed on me.
    Overall well impressed!

  29. P Mistry

    This is probably the best course that I have ever experienced in my life time. It tests all the faculties when in difficult situations working in a close knit team. Your physical stamina is tested in every aspect when under pressure.

  30. H Clifton

    Best instructors, great communication, very understanding and helpful. Made to feel very safe and welcome.
    Couldn’t have asked for better teaching styles, always kept us engaged.
    The course was fun as well as informative, providing loads of activities and opportunity to really feel like part of a team. I’m so grateful and lucky to have such great instructors. I will definitely be back to do more courses in the future. Thank you so much to Singe, Sabrina, John, Tim, Rob and Luke!

  31. O Katzinski

    Very impressed by all the instructors experience, had full confidence in all of them, they were very friendly, kept us engaged throughout the course.
    This course surpassed my expectations massively, was not only informative but also very enjoyable.

  32. D Cox

    Stories, scenarios and experience ……training is the best, keep it coming.
    Instructors are all top notch!
    – Great experience in the instructor team!
    – Really good to have practical elements/focus on the practical learning

  33. Lydia Wareham

    I found it really enjoyable and informative, lessons well planned with information from classrooms then being put into practise.
    It was a really fun experience.

  34. Ellie Tyler-Gol

    Very helpful and answer all questions well 🙂
    Instructors were super friendly, but serious when need to be, very easy to get along with.
    Straight to the point – clear explanations of tasks. Thank you Rob, Aaron, Sabrina and John 🙂

  35. Georgia Bethwaite

    Really good positive teaching, full of confidence and skill, always felt comfortable and confident.
    Great banter, good fun but with professionalism – loved them all!
    Really valuable course for everything in life. Very well taught and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you all – would highly recommend to others.

  36. Lucy Crownshaw

    Excellent instructors, all have so much experience that is helpful and interesting, they are very friendly – had a good laugh all week.
    Even though it is a mandatory course, it was so fun! I genuinely enjoyed myself the whole time.
    I feel confident to use all of the skills I have learnt both on board and in everyday situations. Thank you!

  37. Connolly Taggart

    Really good instructors! Had a lot of knowledge.
    Really good fun! Learned a lot and will recommend!

  38. Morgan Alexander

    Great teaching, very well set out and planned.

  39. Glyn Roberts

    Instructors are very calm, do not rush and instil confidence at every step, they have an excellent teaching style.

  40. Rebecca Gregson

    The course has been fantastic, John is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience which really comes through. John is also a very good instructor, picking up on when people are struggling while giving the person confidence but not pushing. Would definitely recommend! Thank you John!

  41. Grant Farley

    Instructors had exceptional knowledge in all areas and tailored that to the individual. Teaching was delivered at a great pace and broken down into easy steps.
    The instructors were very approachable.
    John was very professional from beginning to end. Great presentation and pace with exceptional experience and knowledge of the job, which brought the classroom lessons to life.
    I would highly recommend John and his team to anyone wishing to further their career professionally or a personal level.

  42. Dave Evans

    Action packed week where you will definitely know more on Day 5 than on Day 1.
    Superb opportunity to learn valuable life skills with instructors you easily learn from.

  43. Jonathan Terry

    John our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and delivered course instruction very well. Really enjoyed the course and will be able to demonstrate some of the skills and knowledge gained with confidence.

  44. Sian Townsend

    The instructors are clearly people who know what they are talking about – this is obvious and makes it more interesting as it’s based on real life – not a book.
    They are very good at instilling confidence.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I achieved things I didn’t know I was capable of and felt enthusiastic to learn more….Many thanks

  45. Chris Brown

    All instructors were knowledgeable and confident. This helped to put me at ease. The quarry was fantastic.

  46. Daniel Haslam

    Loved the stories from the instructors.
    Loved the week! Would definitely return for further courses.

  47. Gabriella Greeff

    Great, dynamic instructors, very personable and professional. Will recommend and come here in the future. Thank you!

  48. Jonathon Marsland

    Fire fighting was the best training.

  49. James Wheaton

    Well rounded team of professionals, the instructors were fun and very approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed the course from day 1 until the end. A brilliant mix of practical and theory.

  50. Katherine Thomas

    Great course really well run, especially days 4 and 5.

  51. Robyn J

    Everyone was really extra friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Instructors were very professional.
    It was a great experience and confidence booster – worth the graft.

  52. Pete Medlock

    Instructors very experienced from a wide spectrum, special mention to Singe and Luc. It was a very well structured course.
    A great team, very friendly, great community feel.

  53. Mawgan Stott

    As a complete beginner I felt very welcomed and comfortable. I was made to feel like my gender and size made no difference at all. I managed to achieve awesome things I never thought I would.

  54. Steven Ginger

    Instructors were very professional and had excellent knowledge with a calm approach good teaching manner, mixing theory with a good bit of practical. Overall excellent.

  55. Daniel Neal

    Amazing hands on training, Being able to replicate real life emergencies and testing out real equipment is amazing.

  56. Lee Somers

    Very well organised, felt safe and was well looked after. 10 out of 10!

  57. Ben Carter

    Extremely thorough and informative, classes well, planned and really enjoyable practical parts. My respect for fire fighters has increased ten fold!

  58. Ross Davies

    The amount of experience, skill and wisdom among all of the instructors was apparent they are all exceptional.
    Luc was always friendly, John was professional and approachable. Jim was a good teacher and Rob was amazing across all 4 days.
    I wasn’t really sure how to gauge the course when I had the enrolment information, but any fears or worries were immediately put to rest when John met us.
    First aid was good mix of theory and practical. Sea survival was exciting and really well taught. The Wednesday was theory based. Fire fighting was an amazing well taught
    and well managed – my favourite part.

  59. Ashley Zambioni

    The staff have been really professional and assisted each and everyone of us if needed. This course is helpful even for everyday life.

  60. Louise Thorpe

    Really engaging teaching, nice relaxed style but emphasis on safety is put across well.
    Practical examples given with a flavour of added humour. Experience of the instructors is insane!!

  61. Calum Finlay

    Excellent instructors, helpful, knowledgeable and full of fantastic and relevant stories.
    The course is well worth it, as a complete newbie I feel like I have been guided through extremely complex and difficult situations, a fantastic experience.

  62. Rachel Stillman

    All the instructors were fun and professional. The entire team work hard to give you as much knowledge as possible and how to put it into practice. 5 Star!

  63. Christian Smith

    The instructors were very friendly and helpful. The course was enjoyable and I would recommend to everybody.

  64. Danielle Jade French

    All really thorough. The instructors go into depth regarding everything they are friendly, supportive and fun, it a lot to take in but all good!

  65. Sahra Pitt

    It is good having instructors who can use real life experiences to illustrate learning outcomes. All the instructors are highly professional but with a friendliness that makes an excellent learning environment.
    It was an excellent paced course where everyone is made to feel included and where confidence is built on daily. A fun, professional course.

  66. Lewis Sims

    Brilliant hands on training with nothing spared, patient and friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone.

  67. Sheila Robinson

    Every question asked was answered to the full. I have never felt so confident that I would be as safe as I have felt during the course, especially with the BA equipment.
    The practical application of the theory work is second to none. I know I will retain the lessons taught effectively. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt comfortable throughout. Thank you team!

  68. Ben Lewis

    Very enjoyable course, would recommend

  69. Joris de Vries

    All the instructors have real life experiences, which for me made it a lot more useful.
    Thank you for the excellent care, fun and confidence!

  70. Daniel Fish

    Great course, instructors were very knowledgeable.

  71. Olivia McCabe

    All instructors were engaging and interesting. I especially liked Singe delivering Elementary First Aid. All the instructors were helpful and approachable.
    I found the course challenging and enjoyable. The facilities and instructors were great and it was helpful to do the sea survival practical in a more realistic setting rather than a warm swimming pool.

  72. Nicola Cherry

    Instructors knowledge and teaching is a very high standard, everyone is extremely friendly and approachable, excellent course, very informative all staff friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to others.

  73. Charles Fowler

    Excellent and professional instructors. This an excellent course for those undertaking a career in all areas of the maritime industry.
    Thoroughly recommend.

  74. Lucas Ridge

    More practical activities than expected, but this was much more preferred as it made the learning experience more enjoyable.

  75. Philippa Glassbrook

    Really glad we chose SWMA for our staff training. The emphasis on authentic practical experiences really made the STCW a worthwhile and invaluable experience, thank you.

  76. Connor Rolfe

    The Instructors were all knowledgeable and good at passing on information.
    The course was well delivered. Instructors were great and the experience was amazing!

  77. David Clough

    Instructors all had real world relevant experience which made everything easy to understand

  78. Theo Atherton

    The course was full of information, very clear instructions and had an answer for every question. Really enjoyable as well.

  79. John Davies

    Great to learn from a pro fire fighter, aided class discussion.
    Good set up, great training will definitely be back.

  80. John Davies

    The course was very professional and very friendly, highly recommend to anybody, really enjoyed it!

  81. Vas Vlachogiannis

    Instructors couldn’t be more insightful 10 out of 10!
    Perfect mix of practical and classroom. Very enjoyable, very professional with impressive backgrounds.

  82. Steve Jones

    Very good, will be back!

  83. Ewan Kimsey

    Overall really enjoyed the week. The course offers a good mix of classroom and practical training.

  84. Ffion Blundell

    Re-opened my mind to changing procedures in the industry. Also organised my theorectical and practical knowledge. Will be useful when training my crew.

  85. Richard Devanney

    Did a great job.

  86. Samantha Gibb

    Really friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Would recommend to everyone. Shout out to Jimbo! I fully appreciated the ride in the fire engine.

  87. Jon Basquille

    The accumulative years of experience is clear to see through the instructors. The combination of civilian and military knowledge is refreshing.

  88. M.B

    Excellent course and excellent instructors

  89. Lauren Mann

    Really good course, all instructors were very patient and made sure everyone was happy. By the end of the second day I felt so much more confident. Will recommend.

  90. Ella Joyce

    Really friendly and helpful team, came away knowing everything I wanted to!

  91. Stephania de Luca

    Whatever I have learned in these 5 days is really important for my work and some things are also important in daily life.
    Thank you so much everybody.

  92. Chyanne Allison

    Brilliant instructors it was fantastic that the First Aid instructor was an Ambulance Medic with real life stories and additional detail. Great that the Fire Course is run by Fire Fighters for the same reason.
    The instructors were all very friendly and professional. I really appreciate you all answering my questions.
    Brilliant First Aid Course – Learnt more about new kit and great to learn about powder that helps reduce bleeding.
    Fire Fighting was the best course I’ve done it’s better and more informative than I have had on any other fire courses. INCREDIBLE.

  93. Dithabeth North

    Being dyslexic it is very hard for me to focus in a classroom. However on the Wednesday during theory I was amazed I managed to focus the whole day! Thank you.

  94. Jordan Cornick

    Friendly, entertaining and very easy to approach with questions. Very thorough and invaluable practical experience.

  95. Sam Ford

    Fantastic crew including Aaron is calm and collected. Teaching is not aggressive all set at a good pace. All the instructors are fantastic.
    Team is amazing with a wealth of experience and always willing to help. Pace is fantastic, learnt a great deal.
    Fire Fighting was amazing and being able to tackle a real fire is a brilliant experience.

  96. Eloise Staniforth

    Super useful and really informative, great fun learning environment and knowledgeable teachers – would definitely recommend!

  97. Annalisa Round

    Very clear in depth course with friendly and experienced instructors. Feel much more confident working on the sea now knowing clients/guests on board are in safer hands.

  98. Joseph Plunkett

    Lots of information delivered well over a short period of time.
    Heard lots of great stories from the instructors and feel very prepared to go into the yachting industry.

  99. Aghaude Amadi

    Great week of training. Super friendly staff and brilliant equipment and facilities.
    Would recommend to anyone wanting a maritime training course.

  100. Balvinder Kaur H

    Instructors were outstanding, informative and knowledgeable, I found the course pushed me to the highest levels of capacity, whilst ensuring I learned all the objective. Highly recommend. Exceeded my expectations.

  101. Elena Cooper

    Well organised with hands-on approach which means we had a chance to actually do what we were taught in class.

  102. Lawrence Wright

    Great course, instructors great to work with. Knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic.

  103. Oliver Best

    An excellent week full of new experiences, not only covering fears but improving my confidence.

  104. Linton Denning

    The course was able to give me the skills, knowledge and confidence to use what was taught. Instructors able to relate everything to real life scenarios and even went above and beyond with content that wasn’t on the course included where possible.

  105. Marc I’anson

    Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable. A great mix of professionalism and friendliness. Fantastic course, everybody was made to feel at ease, very knowledgeable instructor.

  106. Scott Chilcott

    Throughout the course all activities were conducted under safe & controlled practice with excellent knowledge and professionalism from the training team. Highly recommend.

  107. Dan Covington

    Instructor’s knowledge and skills demonstrably very high. Team were excellent from the get go & remained high throughout. The best course I have ever attended. Well presented & extremely relevant. Pace of learning was superb, as were the facilities and the equipment.

  108. Thomas Henson

    Instructors had knowledge second to none., and would always go above and beyond. All approachable and polite. The course exceeded all expectations, I now feel confident I have the basic knowledge to deal with an emergency at sea.

  109. Stuart Turley

    Extremely enjoyable course with John & Jim who were very knowledgeable. Even in a challenging time the course was delivered to an excellent standard. John was excellent and would highly recommend his facilities (South West Maritime Academy) to clients in the future.

  110. Sarah Wilson

    Hearing about others’ experience does not prepare you for how much you learn & how much you retain! It’s been an amazing week. Good mix of practical & classroom based activity. Well done instructors! Pushed me at times but amazing what you can achieve.

  111. Mark Labbett

    Really interesting hearing stories from cruise ships, tankers & security on tankers. it really consolidated it for me. All 3 instructors were really friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Best course I’ve ever done. looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice , perhaps not the ship abandonment and fire! Thank you guys for your help this week.

  112. Toni Ellison

    So good to have instructors with first hand experience to provide useful insights & real life lessons learned. All instructors were really friendly. Course was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever been on. A lot of fun, but also a lot of really good information given with such enthusiasm from all trainers. Managed to conquer a fear of entering water from a height & feel a lot more confident doing this going forward.

  113. Elyse Ide

    Loved all the real life stories + variety in teams’ experiences. All staff very friendly + reassuring. Really enjoyed the training – Best course I’ve been sent on. Definitely opened my eyes to the world of maritime.

  114. Whetnall

    I thought it was excellent, interesting, good blend of practical and theory, good instructors

  115. Shelley Taylor

    I was nervous because of the unknown nature of most of the course (to me). I had a great time and really enjoyed the training.

  116. R Anderson

    Thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. Best training course I’ve ever done.

  117. Bartosz Kowalczyk

    Really enjoyed the STCW course run by super cool guy John!!! The course has helped me to understand the potential dangers and scenarios onboard of any vessel and how to approach it from practical and theoretical point of view. Thank you Maritime Academy 🙂

  118. Charlotte Beswick

    Amazing instructors (needs to work on jokes though!). I thought the course was great. It was extremely professional, with amazing equipment and instruction. I always felt engaged and extremely safe (which is important when fire fighting). Thanks for an amazing 5 days, it’s been great fun!

  119. Amy Hemsley

    Exceeded all expectations! A lot of fun!

  120. Mark Picken

    Quite clear instructor is compliant operator. From the start the course was pitched at the correct level. All subjects covered to a good standard with instructors who are clearly compliant operators.

  121. Ross Thomas

    Excellent course with excellent tuition. Practicals were first rate. Thank you John & Luc!

  122. David Charles

    Very adult course which catered for me as a seasoned seaman, but also for the young new sailors. I look forward to coming back on a deck job course.

  123. Ellen Yates

    Instructors very knowledgeable, it’s so great to have instructors with real life experience, examples and scenarios. Very skilled and professional, I felt very comfortable. Teaching style was perfect proportion of theory & practical. i felt safe, comfortable and they are very approachable. As a female with no prior knowledge to any of what the course entailed (apart from first aid) I was made to feel part of the group and was very impressed with how I was taught, guided and instructed. I have learned a lot and can’t thank John & Luc enough for their patience & for making this course so fun & enjoyable.

  124. Anthony Wheatley

    The course conducted over Covid-19 was well prepared. Good effort from the staff.

  125. Nicholas Port

    I value experienced instructors, who can teach using stories of their own experiences. Instructors ensured that knowledge taught was understood. Pace was fast and effective. i will be back for future courses.

  126. Edward Watkins

    Great course, exactly what I was looking for. Facilities are perfect and allowed us to do things I am sure we would not be able to elsewhere. Instructors have great knowledge, all questions answered. Thanks again

  127. Nick Seddon

    Instructors very knowledgeable with superb detail. Outstanding professionalism throughout. Amazing time with great staff, as well as now feeling extremely confident with fighting fires and saving lives.

  128. Jacob Nutting

    Really enjoyed the course, will definitely recommend. Both instructors were very good and professional, explained everything clearly.

  129. Harry Lloyd

    Excellent instructors, great course delivery. Outstanding professionalism. Excellent course, excellent delivery, facilities superb. Instructors style was excellent and catered for all levels of the group, very inclusive.

  130. Richard Beney

    Very professional course delivered at a great pace to allow for learning and consolidation of new techniques/knowledge. Thanks very much.

  131. Ashley Kirby

    Excellent 5 days. Catered for all levels of knowledge and experience. Instructors very calm and patient with good knowledge.

  132. Ben Saunders

    Instructors were able to answer any queries and used their own experiences as examples in class. Great banter. Enjoyed every bot of it, great mix of practical and theory, practical work exceeded any expectations and would happily return for further training.

  133. H Waterman

    Best course I’ve been on.

  134. Abigail Walmsley

    An expert in the field! Great instructor. Great course, great team/instructor. Very accommodating and helpful – can not do enough for you. The facilities are good: – water facility – fantastic. Fire facility – fantastic.
    If I had to pick at it – some facilities are being improved and therefore some building work happening.
    However, this is going to be an amazing facility once everything is completed – It’s already Great!

  135. Adele Tomlinson

    Very knowledgeable in everything. He’s very clear and concise. Lovely chap, made the course very enjoyable. Thank you!! I’ve loved the course, very very good and the facilities are as realistic as can be. I would recommend South West Maritime Academy and advised my manager to get my colleagues booked on as soon as possible.

  136. Dominic Farley

    Great course content. Course knowledge + subject matter excellent. Great mix of experience + delivery of course. Use of realtime skills deployed in a practical and professional manner.

  137. Max Gibb

    Excellent course, good fun, very informative. John was an excellent trainer + makes the full course engaging + fun.

  138. Matt Stansfield

    Professional, able to transfer knowledge in manageable loads. Instructor was approachable and had an enthusiastic attitude. Great course, gave me confidence in approaching the relevant areas/subjects.

  139. Carl Harwin

    Very informative & good use of experienced examples which made the theory easier to understand. Thank you John for an excellent training course.

  140. Diane Barron

    Lead at a good pace, trainer was excellent. This is the best training I have ever had. I really enjoyed all of the training.

  141. Melissa Green

    John, Luc & Nick all shared their knowledge & experience which gave myself & team all confidence throughout. Incredible experience that I thoroughly enjoyed!

  142. Jordan

    I feel the knowledge has been very appropriate and the skills learned very helpful.
    John, Nick, Luc and the team have gone above expectation to make the course as fun, enjoyable, safe and knowledgeable as possible.
    It is very hard to take a serious course and make it fun and eager to learn for the team however these guys smashed it. The equipment they use is great, the knowledge and skills they pass on to you is more than you need and the friendly atmosphere when learning definitely makes you feel welcome, safe and eager to learn more. Great job to all instructors and thank you for an awesome time learning.

  143. Jack Metcalfe

    Very professional course and nice understanding instructors. Pushed only to our limits. I enjoyed every single moment.

  144. Temuera Olliver Nathan

    John, Luc, Angelo and Aaron were all fantastic! They showed professionalism and the willingness to show us that theory and practical training are both as important. I would highly recommend the team @ South West Maritime Academy!

  145. Ana Rita da Silva

    John & Nick & Luc were the best!!! This course was extremely insightful. I now know a lot more about safety and how to remain calm. The team were amazing!!!

  146. Stuart Reynolds

    All the instructors were fantastic. Luc shared excellent stories that made the theory more real. Singe is a top bloke, proper funny. I can’t thank John enough for everything he has done for all of us. It was so good I am sad to leave. Looking forward to coming back.

  147. Peter Ash

    I found the team so friendly and approachable. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. Excellent delivery! The team are extremely approachable and friendly, highly professional and honest with feedback. I would definitely use this company again!

  148. Rob Peek

    Luc came across as an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. John has infectious enthusiasm and natural leading style.

  149. James Wright

    STCW Personal Survival Techniques and Elementary First Aid well instructed. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting was excellent. Excellent course. The team were very knowledgeable & happy to help with any issues or questions.

  150. Neli Sandeva

    Very happy with Luc and John’s knowledge and experience, made the course funny and enjoyable. Extremely pleased with the training provided and the friendliness of the tutors. Would highly recommend it.

  151. Alexandra Casimiro

    I go back to Portugal with a great self confidence feeling, happy about the experience and knowledge I got, amazed about the new friends I made. I had so much fun and now carry a cool knowledge baggage! The instructors showed absolutely great knowledge and experience, including a sense of humour. They are outstanding, enthusiastic and know how to keep us motivated.

  152. Dani Lenihan

    The course was challenging but enjoyed every minute A great way to get to know our team. Thanks guys!

  153. Zoe Cole

    So professional! Helpful and comforting. Awesome work from John and Luc. Course and methods were insane! Great work! 10/10

  154. Owen Jackson

    10/10. Great course, very helpful and knowledgeable instructors. To have absorbed these skills swiftly with confidence to face these situations in real life is a testament to the level of professionalism by the instructors.

  155. Rowan Pitchers

    Very useful and amazing instructors

  156. Roxana Anda Reget

    I’ve learned and understood more here in 5 days than in 5 years on the ship. Great people with amazing skills.

  157. José Trujillo Vidal

    John, Luc and all the staff are very professional and dedicated. Plus, they love what they do. Excellent knowledge, experience and execution.

  158. Raymond Emery

    The course was clear, concise, and although professional in its execution was enjoyable to participate in.

  159. Lauren Henley

    I was incredibly nervous to be facing a fire with the instruction to put it out, before I did it I found it really daunting but the patience of my instructors enabled me to complete it and also really increased my confidence for the rest of the week. Really enjoyed my time here and super grateful.

  160. Lucy Southerton

    I had a wonderful week here. I have learnt a lot and feel confident to do anything we were taught. All instructors are friendly, easily understood, welcoming , reassuring and very knowledgeable. If I ever need any further training, I will come back here to do it. Also, food was great! Luke, John and Nick were able to answer all questions and explain in a way that was easily understood.

  161. John Davies

    Incredible experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! John, Luc and Nick all shared their knowledge and experience which gave myself and the team all confidence throughout.

  162. John Davies

    It is very hard to take a serious course and make it fun and eager to learn for the team however these guys smashed it. The equipment they use is great, the knowledge and skills they pass on to you are more than you need and the friendly atmosphere when learning definitely makes you feel welcome, safe and eager to learn more. Greta job to all instructors and thank you for an awesome time learning.
    John, Nick, Luc and the team went above expectation to make the course as fun, enjoyable, safe and knowledgeable as possible.

  163. John Davies

    Very Professional course and nice understanding instructors, pushed only to our limits. I enjoyed every single moment.

  164. John Davies

    John, Luc, Angelo and Aaron were all fantastic! They showed professionalism and willingness to show us that theory and practical training are both as important. Would highly recommend the team at South West Maritime Academy!

  165. John Davies

    The team were amazing; Professional, courteous, encouraging and the information delivery clear and precise.

  166. John Davies

    This course was extremely insightful. I now know a lot more about safety and how to remain calm. The team were amazing!!! John & Nick & Luc were the best!!!

  167. Emily Sandon

    You are all brilliant! The range of knowledge amongst instructors is fantastic too! This week has been awesome! All the instructors were amazing and so knowledgeable, you made it all lighthearted too which is so important on a course which could be intense, I’ve loved every minute of it.
    (p.s. Sorry for soaking you in the face John!)
    Will recommend you to Sunsail for future STCW courses too!

  168. Rob Price

    From no background in seafaring, I found this week as a thoroughly rewarding, challenging, thought-provoking, active and engaging one. I am now much more knowledgeable and CONFIDENT in the challenges & dealing with them at sea. Having a mix of desk based learning + active practical work is essential. Too many safety courses are desk based. To have active fire fighting dealing with real, dangerous fires, gasses and confined spaces was perhaps the most challenging and rewarding training I’ve had. And this from a career in industrial regulation where I have been a sire inspector for nuclear, chemical, explosive and manufacturing sites. I have received a lot of training in my 20 year career and enjoyed this the most. Having experienced trainers with ACTUAL practical experience is vital. It garners respect immediately and ensures the wide variety of experience and examples are real.
    I liked how on DAY 2 you had the outdoor practical work (sea survival) – it helped break up the week and got the while group straight into it.
    I got a lot from the tuition from everyone and enjoyed talking to them in the margins – Singe, Luc, John, Jim, Sabrina Nick.
    I liked their honesty, humour, openness and patience.
    As someone with a strong industrial safety background (but none at sea) I came to the course knowing I had a lot to learn & put into practice, overcome some fears, gain confidence in leadership, teamwork for sea survival, security, first aid & life saving & firefighting – all of which is needed for my new job on a cruise ship as an officer.
    As someone with NO sea experience, I found the course engaging and enjoyable, respectful, challenging but above all has helped provide me with new skills, developed existing skills and provided me with a confidence which will allow me to join my new employer with positive mental attitude & confidence in seafaring & dealing with the challenges I may face. Thank you. Cheers, Rob.

  169. Steph Halliwell

    Excellent, especially as they have all come from different jobs and areas of life & life experiences. Just what a course like this needs so that you don’t feel under pressure and thus don’t enjoy the course. It was an excellent course and I would thoroughly recommend that the RFA do this course. It covers all requirements needed at an enjoyable pace with fun instructors…and no BS.

  170. Jasmine Tomkings

    The instructors all had a very deep knowledge of all aspects of life at sea, I felt whatever I asked would be answered in full and every instructor has become a massive inspiration to me. I loved the course, I thought the balance between education and fun was perfect. Engaging + a great laugh 🙂
    This is the most stimulating, exciting, fun + educational course I have done. I’ve loved every moment of this. I have learnt things here that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I love the instructors + will miss this for the next 5 years 🙂

  171. Kieran Elliott

    The course was very helpful for somebody without any sea-going experience. Each instructor is very knowledgeable through experiences and always ensured every student was involved and happy. All instructors easily approachable and when taking course always made sure every student was involved and interacting. Good facilities and a lot of fun! Thanks!

  172. Alex Green

    Great course, well paced throughout. Super helpful friendly staff, great subject knowledge. Amazing course from start to finish, staff super frfiendly, helpful and great subject knowledge. Facilities and kit second to none.

  173. Kasey Cutler

    Everything was great, everyone was brought together to work together and encouraged to all interact and get along which makes learning so much easier and fun. The course was very informative, I have learnt so much within such a short time – in a positive way I feel like I have been here for 3 weeks with the amount of info I have taken in. All in all I couldn’t fault anything, keep up the amazing work! Thanks for a great week!

  174. Phil Hayles

    Best course I have attended – and I’ve done lots in 30 years at sea! Had an amazing week, learned lots, made friends , thank you. Singe was brilliant, made the FA course really fun. Fire Fighting was great, nice to have a real fire (some places don’t these days!). See you in 5 years!

  175. Emily Sturdy

    Couldn’t fault the instructors – made the course fun whilst staying professional. Had a really enjoyable week and learnt a lot. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about doing the course.

  176. Sophie Wilsdon

    Brilliant! Everyone at the centre really knows their stuff. Pleased with pace and all elements covered. Good mix of practical and classroom. 10/10. Would recommend.

  177. Robert Bartley

    Great tutors and facilities. Highly recommend

  178. Ciro Capuano

    Amazing Atmosphere

    Great Instructors

    Great Fun, I will definitely recommend

    Thank you very much for your supports

  179. Will Choblet

    Very constructive, excellent staff
    Make you feel welcome and involved all the time

  180. Ashley Marshall

    Brilliant, very helpful and informative instructors. Always happy to help and a great sense of humour. Provided lots of useful information that you can use in the work place or at home in an emergency situation.

  181. Vutto Karhu

    Teaching was very good, knowledgeable and experienced, creating a very good learning environment. Went through the whole STCW95 course. Very good training and instructors. Learned a lot and feel very good moving forwards in my career now. Would recommend highly!

  182. Rhiannon Dodgeon

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was far better than I could have imagined. Staff were so friendly and knowledgeable and went above and beyond for us. Thank you so much!!

  183. Paola Wsimano

    Totally enjoyed also has increased my appetite to learn more about the industry and looking forward to being with you again for my next course. Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work.

  184. Peter Wallis

    Could not be better! Course given by a great bunch of guys all of which were extremely knowledgeable & experienced. Particular thank to John and Luc for making the course fun and interesting. The tutors made me feel safe throughout the water and fire practicals. Highly recommend.

  185. Lucy Martin

    This was a very open and honest course, at no points under emphasising the importance but making sure we knew the limitations. A range of excellent instructors & lots of practical kept it varied & interesting. They said they didn’t know everything but it felt like they did – they had so many real life stories to add to their teaching. Course went above and beyond.

  186. Eleanor Brighton

    I very much enjoyed the course, what I particularly liked is the variety of experiences, nationalities and backgrounds of the staff and students. it made a lot of the theory relevant as everyone could contribute real-life stories and examples which is a great way to learn.

  187. K Hyslop

    Great Course from the first phone call to the last day.
    Highly experienced instructors and made the course fun.
    Best and most informative course, Thanks! 🙂

  188. Shawn O’Garro

    I came into this programme last minute because I didn’t get on to a competitor’s one. I was very glad I did. There was a lot to take in over the week but because the instructors were so good at transferring knowledge and the course content is well structured so you keep referring back to what you learned earlier on, one can easily relate and bring it all together by the end. Great training experience.

  189. Sam Balderton

    Learnt a lot more than I was expecting. Enjoyed the fact that the syllabus was thoroughly taught but there as a lot of extra information given as well.

  190. Siani Oliver

    At the start of the week I was a little anxious, but the instructors made me feel fully prepared and confident. Leaving the course ready to get in to the industry prepared.

  191. Molly Byrne

    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at South West Maritime Academy. The Instructors and my team/class were all so friendly and supportive. I experienced a few challanges that I never thought I would get to do and I will never forget.

  192. Janice F.

    All instructors have a lot of knowledge and encourage you to ask questions, always received good answers.
    The instructors managed to made the course very fun whilst still keeping it professional.
    The staff at South West Maritime Academy made me feel very relaxed when I was absolutely terrified about some of the practical elements; using a bit of humour really helped me.
    I also appreciate how the practical tasks were very life-like and realistic, but staff still made you feel safe and were always there to help.
    Thank you 🙂

  193. Brogan M.

    The STCW Basic Safety Training course was way more than I expected. The staff were very smart and understanding of everyone needs and pace.
    Every member of staff was very relaxed; but were professional which helped a lot.
    The course exceeded my expectations, I genuinely enjoyed my experience here and it was mostly down to the staff being so friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend SWMA to anyone wanting to complete their Basic Safety Training course.

  194. Veronique Williams

    All instructors were seasoned professionals with decades of experience and a willingness to share and enlighten. Thank you guys!
    Every instructor explained and re-explained if needs be, drew images in our mins giving us examples and made sure we understood. Always smiling, nonjudgmental, patient; I loved it.
    I was coming thinking of the STCW BST as a stroll in an English village! Now I can fight a fire, save a life with my knowledge and understanding of first aid and understand the proper sequence of actions to follow in an emergency at sea.
    Great teachers, valuable lessons, an amazing week, cheers!

  195. Bruce Watson

    I was unprepared for the level of precision and thoroughness. The course was very empowering.

  196. Graham Hayward

    Brilliant course, a really great group of people and instructors, with a good mix of practical and classroom sessions.
    Practicals are fun but challenging.

  197. Cesar Torres

    Great to see instructors were always happy to share their knowledge and experience. They were always ready to answer any questions; great attitude and friendliness.
    Great facilities, toilets were clean, equipment was kept in good condition and properly looked after; classroom were large and comfortable.

  198. Edward Taylor

    The STCW BST provided ideal information and practical training for marine safety.
    Instructors are fantastic both in the classroom and in practical sessions.

  199. Gary Pryke

    Instructors were friendly knowledgeable and good teachers.
    I found the course very good, working to the pace of the slower learners to develop our skills and knowledge.

  200. Tudor Sartain

    The staff were very friendly and put us all at ease. Clearly a lot of experience between them, shown in their standard of training. A massive thank you to John, Luc, Jim and Rob and everyone working behind the scenes. Don’t forget Bob with the all important lunch!

  201. Richard Edwards

    Honestly thought the course was amazing, fun, enjoyable, friendly and learned a lot, not only that but the instructors went above and beyond to make everyone welcome and happy, even offered advice for future careers and offered contact details for further advice down the line, bloody brilliant!

  202. Andrew Blair

    The friendly, engaging and knowledgeable staff are excellent at teaching everyone and giving all the chance to learn a range of skills – Thank you!

  203. Ignas Daugalas

    Extremely useful and well organised course, covering basic techniques for emergencies (various) offshore. Instructors were very experienced and passed their knowledge over in the most efficient way.

  204. Stephanie Davey

    I thought the course was really well put together and overcame some of the practical which at one point I wouldn’t. I met some lovely people.

  205. Shannon-Leigh Pretorius

    Everything about this course exceeded all expectations. Enjoyed every part of it. All instructors were patient, knowledgeable and great. Amazing atmosphere here. Would definitely recommend to anyone, Don’t want to leave.

  206. Daniel Lewis

    Enjoyable, informative and professionally run. Friendly staff and proper training.

  207. Kyle Jones

    The staff members were a great group of people always happy to help and go the extra mile to answer any questions I had.

  208. Jeff Steele

    Excellent Sea Survival course in the quarry – Very realistic with depth of water, open water and equipment used.

  209. Anthony Jones

    The most realistic, professional course currently being run in the industry. The practical elements are well planned, delivered and executed.

  210. Lorcan Connell

    I fully enjoyed the course. Each instructor knew their subject fully and were capable of communicating complicated tasks in a way that was easily understood. I would recommend this course to others!

  211. James Fairman

    Excellent course. This was my third STCW and this was the most informative and engaging by far. Thanks guys.

  212. Oliver Dunn

    Amazing guys, loved it. Cant wait to see them again in 5 years. Loved every moment, Never bored was so much fun and good learning.

  213. Peter Howarth

    Really helpful, knowledgeable instructors, excellent facilities. A really enjoyable learning experience.

  214. Daniel Dando

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Met my expectations and beyond! Very pleased that I chose South West Maritime Academy. Having different instructors helped greatly when it came to learning as each instructor came with their own set of skills and experience.

  215. Felix Hansen

    I was very happy with the experience, felt that all information was delivered in an easy to process manner. Each instructor was very open to talk to. They were very eager to help with any questions we had about the course and more importantly the industry itself.

  216. Lewis Sharman-Dodd

    It’s a great course, for someone that has never experienced any of this training I now feel confident in myself to perform first aid and fire fighting in the future.

  217. Iona Taylor

    Really great course, really great to find a well run, economically friendly + professional, reliable centre to do courses at. Will definitely recommend and hopefully come back for more courses.

  218. Morgan Malwah

    Brilliant course, leaving feeling competent and confident. Instructors all subject matter experts and knowledge + professionalism shone through. Would recommend to anyone.

  219. Henry Sage

    The practical training was extremely beneficial, I feel I have learnt a lot over the past week.

  220. M Robertson

    Thought this course was great, very informative, precise clear explanations with plenty of re-caps. A wealth of knowledge. I’ve come away feeling more confident to cope with emergencies and feel a lot more positive in myself. Good instructors all mixed together, good humour and serious work. Will recommend.

  221. Patrick Roberts

    An action packed week with good balance of theory. Highly recommend undertaking BST with a good friendly atmosphere.

  222. Adam Blundell

    Tim and Rob are top instructors and good blokes that know their stuff. Friendly staff, great facilities a professional course run by professionals

  223. Myles Phillips

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I have learnt a lot of information, theory and practical skills. Overall a superb experience and would recommend.

  224. Callum Villis

    This is the second STCW 95 course I have attended and by far the best!

  225. Noah Hawkins

    Excellent instructors with the skills and knowledge to take a complete beginner through all the drills and practical’s and gives me the confidence to be on ship.

  226. J. Plewman

    Excellent. Friendly and knowledgeable instructors would recommend to others. five stars

  227. Ash Llewellyn

    Very good course and training well presented. Would recommend it to anyone.

  228. Keith Goss

    It’s been a superb week. I feel like I’ve learnt a huge amount that has given me the confidence to get stuck in when I go aboard vessels.

  229. Molly Astbury

    I have really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone. I’m amazed at how much more confident I am now after completing the course! Thanks to everyone who made my STCW amazing!

  230. Nick Bragg

    The experiences that the instructors spoke of was amazing to hear and made our scenarios true to real experiences we could deal with. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend SWMA to everyone. Couldn’t be happier with my training.

  231. M Middleton

    I will recommend this course to employers and staff, contractors and female employees excellent!!!!!

  232. Alan McClenaghan

    Came away with good knowledge with every aspect on everything covered.

  233. Joseph Smith

    Course exceeded my expectations. From being completely green, to now feeling more than confident to take charge in dangerous scenarios. Particularly Sea Survival and Fire Fighting. Staff are the real deal. Overall fantastic experience.

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