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STCW2010 4 Day Update Package

Update your STCW Training

Our STCW2010 4 Day Update package covers the following course refreshers over 4 consecutive days:

STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques

STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (excluding fast rescue boats)

STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting

The 4 Day Update package covers not only the STCW Basic Safety Training Update, but also two of the most commonly required advanced STCW certifications – Survival Craft and Rescue Boats and Advanced Fire Fighting.

As with all of our STCW2010 Update packages, the 4 day option benefits from a discount over booking the courses individually, making this a handy and more cost effective way of ensuring you can continue your career at sea with up to date STCW certificates.

For your STCW training package you will be attending all elements of the course at our training facility in South Gloucestershire, with all training carried out on site by our expert team of experienced seafarers and front line service professionals.

Additional information

Course Dates:

24th – 27th June 2024, 15th – 18th July 2024, 5th – 8th August 2024, 19th – 22nd August 2024, 23rd – 26th September 2024, 14th – 17th October 2024, 28th – 31st October 2024, 11th – 14th November 2024, 25th – 28th November 2024, 9th – 12th December 2024

122 reviews for 4 Day STCW2010 Update Training Package

  1. K James

    This is the highest quality STCW Training I have completed in my career. I have taken away a huge amount of new information and skills.

  2. G Haskins

    Great course once again, great onsite set up and facilities. Courses were made interesting and relevant for seafarers, would recommend 🙂

  3. A Ryder

    Best set of STCW Updates done so far. Excellent team and facility.

  4. Sean S

    Fantastic instructors with a wealth of knowledge and capabilities, good facilities that enabled the courses to run well. Would recommend anyone to do courses here!

  5. K Peters

    Very relaxed approach, put people at ease, excellent!!

  6. A Rose

    Excellent presentation by all instructors and staff, course content relevant a good reminder to all that maybe less familiar with different aspects and equipment. Many thanks.

  7. A Willis

    Love doing my courses here, will be back for my 3rd go in 5 years, thanks for everything.

  8. A Gheisari

    Very good informative instructors, came across very knowledgeable and professional and worked well with all the team throughout the course.

  9. R Eggleton

    Excellent course, great instructors with really good knowledge.

  10. J Richards

    It was very beneficial using immersion suits in the realistic cold water conditions.

  11. D Hellard

    I would like to thanks all at SWMA for a great 4 days and refreshing an aging mind, stay safe all and see you all when I refresh again.

  12. J McNab

    Very good instructors, great location with good facilities.

  13. G Dyer

    A very well run course. I achieved my goals.

  14. R D

    Course well structured, instructor was very good, all objectives well covered.

  15. P Norman

    No complaints, friendly and professional.

  16. A Blackham

    The instructors are very friendly and professional, I was made to feel comfortable and well assisted throughout all courses despite any anxieties with fire fighting and survival suits especially.

  17. A Hobley

    Excellent, professional and informal instructors delivered a very satisfactory course, highly recommended.

  18. G Chapman

    An enjoyable course, well run and informative.

  19. G Lamb

    Very good

  20. N Smith

    Excellent course

  21. Kevin Brown

    The course instructors were very professional both classroom and practical and would recommend this Maritime Academy.

  22. Alan Mansor

    Excellent tutors very well put across to students.

  23. J Cowen

    Well presented – well performed by the staff. Good team building.

  24. Paul Kelly

    Excellent course refresh and going over the syllabus on things that have changed and honing our practical skills.

  25. Paul Harries

    Really good courses

  26. Andy Hosking

    Great updater on the latest techniques for firefighting and sea survival.

  27. Stefan Smart

    A very good course. Good questioning during the course to test understanding and knowledge. A relaxed but thorough delivery provided a good mix of personnel/teachers.
    Would recommend to my company without hesitation.

  28. Michael John Voisey

    Certain techniques (Life raft righting/short pulse/long pulse fire fighting) were new to me. Both excellent.

  29. Sterling Mason

    All instructors knew their subjects any questions were answered and if answers not known, instructors found out.
    Friendly and relaxed atmosphere a perfect blend of professionalism.
    Very happy with the course. I learned new techniques for fire fighting, which I can take back to our vessel for drills.
    Good to get into an immersion suit and practise in cold water rather than a swimming pool.

  30. Nicholas Morter

    Instructors and staff are very approachable and professional, covered all expectations and more.

  31. W. Davidson

    Instructors and teaching spot on as always. Far more in depth training, allowing you to feel confident with the practical aspects.

  32. David Wiggin

    Instructors are very knowledgeable, concise and helpful.
    Superb course delivered during a very, very difficult period (Covid)
    Exceeded expectations and excellent trainers made the course easy to understand and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend.

  33. Peter Skuse

    Instructors were very professional and relax you. It was good to have it more on the practical side.

  34. Matthew Mountjoy

    Over the 4 days all instructors showed good knowledge. I learned different techniques. Very knowledgeable instructors with great facilities. Happy to do my 5 year refresher here again! Thanks!

  35. H.J Everington

    All the instructors are very good at teaching. Very well presented courses.
    Facilities are good.

  36. J.K.W Frost

    The courses were well communicated, the instructors were open and friendly. A well thought out and presented course.

  37. Jacek Majcher

    Very good place to learn. High quality of instructors make you feel safe and comfortable. Thank you.

  38. R Parker – Norman

    Instructors all had a professional level of knowledge, relaxed, initiated participation.
    Good course, all aspects covered. Not death by power point. Good level of practical opportunities.

  39. John Messenger

    Thorough and painstaking when required. No shortcuts or easy ride on sale here.

  40. Andrew Pinchbeck

    Instructors were very helpful and had great knowledge, great course, great instructors, it’s been a pleasure.
    I look forward to coming back in 5 years time.

  41. James Connor

    I am going to take away some new skills I didn’t learn from other centres, we were made to feel relaxed and at home.
    Overall it’s been a fun few days and new skills learnt, thank you.

  42. Donald Sproat

    All very knowledgeable instructors, helpful and informative, highest profession people. felt like family. Couldn’t be better.

  43. David WHitmore

    All the instructors very knowledgeable and articulate. I appreciated the fact each instructor knew the name of everyone in the class.
    Very good professional and enjoyable.

  44. M Jefferies

    Teaching was ideal and they all did well, well thought out, well executed, no dramas.

  45. Eric Newport

    Very friendly and informative, thanks

  46. James Laidler

    Great course, informative instructors,, kept me alert and interested, thanks.

  47. Barrie Wesley

    I left the course with more confidence than I felt at the beginning, gained more valuable knowledge, excellent.

  48. Kepa Gorka Prendergrast

    Instructors were very knowledgeable with a great overall skillset, they were patient and had a relaxed teaching manner, always willing to listen and assist.
    Overall a great course with ‘Very knowledgeable and related instructors’
    Atmosphere was great, would recommend 🙂

  49. James MacDonald

    Very good learning experience, all aspects thoroughly done.

  50. Matt Bryant

    Gareth, Luc and the fire fighters have all been excellent very experienced and patient instructors. Excellent training and facilities, for a Frenchman Luc has a great sense of humour!

  51. John Davies

    Professionally run course, it’s delivered in a very friendly way and well thought out, instructors here to help you pass not beast you.

  52. Garry Hart

    Instructors share their own experience and knowledge in an informative and interesting way. They are very approachable and encourage all students to participate and share knowledge. The academy has excellent facilities. Communication before and during course vey good.
    All the staff very professional and felt course aimed to genuinely improve understanding and not to simply comply with minimum requirement, full marks to all staff and fellow students.

  53. Gordon Davey

    Rate the instructors and the teaching highly, they passed on their knowledge very well, they were all very helpful and professional. Luc and his team worked well together very well. Things have changed since my last courses which with their knowledge I have taken on board. Thank you

  54. Andrew Stanton

    All instructors were very welcoming and helpful a really good course. I will take a lot away from all the training provided, look forward to my return 🙂

  55. David Otter

    Well organised and instructed, I will be back in 5 years.

  56. Chris Mussett

    Great instructors, very knowledgeable, very friendly place to be, feels like a big happy family.

  57. Malcolm Bobbett

    Very good, instructors have good knowledge all round. Learnt a lot.

  58. Michael Ivins

    Excellent teaching and training facilities.

  59. Simon Allan

    The course was good to update skills fire fighting was better than my last course.

  60. Rian Eades

    The instructors did not rush and were extremely helpful the course was taught and delivered very well, the instructors leading classroom and practical sessions are highly knowledgeable and good at their jobs. Thoroughly enjoyed and re-learned a lot.

  61. Thomas Murray

    The standard of teaching is great, both lecturers were very knowledgeable and made all elements of the course enjoyable and informative.

  62. J Gibbons

    Instructors and teaching very good, they were very friendly and professional.
    The course was very good and covered plenty of things which were needed, that we can’t do onboard our current vessel.

  63. Ryan Smith

    Instructors were very helpful and approachable. Happy! 🙂

  64. P Walker

    Courses presented well and at a good pace to allow candidates to process what was being taught.

  65. Daniel Murray

    Highly rate the knowledge and skills of instructors. The course was very well done with clear instructions, with many updates learned.

  66. Squirrell

    Course was clear and concise with no fuss.

  67. Sabrina Dunkerley

    Fantastic refresher considering I’ve not been to sea for years, good pace.

  68. John Davies

    Competent instruction, great training facilities.

  69. Lewis Kneale

    Jim was very good, very knowledgeable and laid back, Luc fantastic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and adaptable.
    Course well run, enthusiastic staff, well run, thanks!

  70. Michael Coles

    Very good course, sea survival was excellent, more like real life.

  71. Malcolm Clift

    I found the course to be more realistic than others I have attended, very enjoyable experience.

  72. Michael Woods

    The instructors had great knowledge and experience. All my questions were answered professionally. Good professional advice with excellent direction, calm and patient instructors which made the experience perfect. Highly professional but also a little banter, perfect! I am very happy with my training, thanks for the patience and time I was given.
    I was told to come here and without a doubt in my mind was the best decision. The team of staff doing the training exercises were very professional and truly calm. The style of training and approach was perfect and would suit any individual. I would highly recommend anyone to come here. Thank you to the whole team for all your time, excellent.

  73. Yusuf Scarr

    Instructors have very good knowledge and a personable team, excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I am flagging now!

  74. John Aspinall

    I’m very happy with the course. Better than I thought, thanks for everything.

  75. James

    Had a great week. Fantastic

  76. John Hagan

    Staff very helpful and friendly, went the extra mile. I will definitely come back. Well done!

  77. William Gray

    All instructors are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Equipment is very good. I would certainly recommend to others and will be returning myself.

  78. M C Cowley

    Thanks John and the team, very pleased to see the way the academy has progressed over the last 5 years.

  79. MP Jepson

    Very good course with well motivated instructors.

  80. Chris Greatorex

    Course presented in a professional manner by thoroughly competent and knowledgeable instructors.

  81. Jamie McCann

    Aaron, John and Luc were excellent. I thought the course was delivered excellently, a modern and refreshing approach to fire fighting especially. I would recommend to others.

  82. Edward Tann

    Overall very helpful professional people, made to feel at ease. Also the staff are very understanding and easy to talk to, a great place and people.

  83. Darren Dodsworth

    Very well presented course with a good mix of practical and classroom work, very friendly and helpful staff.

  84. S Harland

    As normal, pleasant, friendly and very well presented courses.

  85. H.D McLundie

    Very impressed by the quality of the safety gear and equipment/PPE supplied for our use.
    Teaching staff excellent and very knowledgeable

  86. John S

    Excellent blend of relevant teaching/instruction with practical.

  87. Lance O

    All instructors are very knowledgeable and deliver the courses very well, very enjoyable, fun and interesting.

  88. Andrew T

    Course contained lots of practical and relevant information. Excellent refresher, focussing on each relevant subject either theory or practical. Having an active fire fighter teaching the course also provides valuable knowledge and skills.

  89. Stewart M

    Instructors are clearly very experienced within the industry and communicating with people. They have excellent teaching styles – good mix of educating and discussion/group input. Instructors were very good communicators and easy to talk to. It was a very positive teaching environment, friendly and knowledgeable tutors. Useful and very enjoyable courses.

  90. Mark M

    Found the course to be informative and instructors very helpful and professional.

  91. Ian M

    Excellent knowledge both by Luc and Tim, excellent teaching skills, using real life experience as examples and no question/answer was ever a silly one – well done!
    The academy has excellent and keen instructors. The whole academy has expanded and I believe it will be a great success, see you in 5 years!

  92. Robert P

    Excellent facilities, excellent instructors, professional and knowledgeable lectures I learned a lot to take back to work, can’t recommend this training provider enough.

  93. Peter P

    Student’s shouldn’t go on first impressions! The rural location and tuition is first class. I would highly recommend SWMA as a location for STCW courses.

  94. Griffith P

    Very good knowledge and methods of drawing out past experiences with/from students to make it relatable. Excellent interaction between instructors and students. All very good and professional throughout. Plenty of relevant content, that was delivered in a very good method without too much powerpoint.

  95. Karl Negele

    Excellent body of instructors, well explained courses. Enjoyed the courses, an excellent blend of classroom and practical work, learnt a lot of new things.

  96. James Phillips

    Really enjoyable courses excellently delivered

  97. Hywe Owen


  98. Bryn Ferguson

    An excellent balance of teaching and demonstration. Excellent provider with a fantastic balance of teaching methods.

  99. Huw Owen Thomas

    John and his team have done their very best to ensure that the courses complied with STCW 95 under Covid-19 government regs. New knowledge has been ‘gleaned’.

  100. Gerard O’Driscoll

    100% overall from start to finish. Highly recommend South West Maritime Academy. Stunning location.

  101. James Scott

    Very good experience & I’ll be back for any more in future.

  102. Edward Powell

    Instructors were very good all round. Very relaxed + friendly establishment. Very good, instructors knowledgeable + very helpful.

  103. Daniel Coombes

    Patient trainers and understanding , took time to make sure everyone was aware of what was going on and what needed to be done.

  104. William Thomas

    Instructors had good variety + mix of experience. Excellent course, professionally run by knowledgeable , experiences & friendly staff. Good facilities improving with great potential.

  105. Jody Roderick

    Really enjoyed the practical approach to the training , especially time spent on the practical aspects

  106. Paul Hocking

    They explained everything in a way which was easy to understand & not rushed. Top notch training.

  107. Paul Greenland

    Excellent course – really found the fire part interesting

  108. Michael Lyne

    Very open discussion which helped understand different experiences. Good wide variety of experience of instructors. Met my requirements perfectly, great sit. Thanks.

  109. Gregory Pragnell

    Instructors very knowledgeable and open to questions. Willing to listen and gain new knowledge from students too. They maintained a good atmosphere throughout. The courses ran at a good pace and instructors were knowledgeable in their subjects. Overall a pleasant and interesting four days.

  110. Michael Frazer

    This is my second refresher course and far superior to previous courses. Better interaction between students an instructors with mutual respect.

  111. Rob Harris

    Good rounded refresh – instructors keen for interaction. Enjoyable 4 days

  112. Stephen Gudgeon

    Very safe throughout the course.
    Covid-19 restrictions observed.
    Will recommend to my colleagues.

  113. Paul Danson

    Great knowledge, good pace of learning. Very pleased with course and content. Enjoyed the course more than I have in my past 4 courses. Highly recommended.

  114. Daniel Pile

    The course was carried out very well under trying circumstances. Meeting and Exceeding expectations. As always, instructors were able to answer any questions.

  115. Sean Glynn

    Instructors were very approachable and welcomed questions + feedback. Enjoyable week and a very relaxed atmosphere.

  116. Christian Neacsu

    The refresher courses were well designed with classroom and practical sides.

  117. Nicholas Richard Parker

    Benefited from a more intimate setting, all questions in and out of classroom settings answered. I will attend again in 5 years.

  118. Chris Blake

    The presentation and standard of teaching from the instructors was excellent. They were all very open to questions and were very professional. A pleasure to be @ the SWMA.

  119. David Smith

    A useful refresher and good interaction between delegates. Now up to date with latest industry practices.

  120. Chris Henderson

    Extremely Professional + good teaching. Thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days here and LEARNED something new.

  121. Ian Harris

    Very relaxed without undermining point and purpose of the re validation. Good points covered in pleasant environment. Much appreciated and look forward to coming back. thank you

  122. James Heeley

    Good and informative, but not too in-depth just like a refresher should be.

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