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STCW2010 2 Day Update Package

Update your STCW Basic Safety Training

Our STCW2010 2 Day Update package covers the following course refreshers over 2 consecutive days:

STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques

STCW2010 Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

The 2 Day Update package is often referred to as the STCW Basic Safety Training Update, as this is exactly what it covers. If you took your initial Basic Safety Training and this is your first STCW Update, then the 2 Day Update Package is the right choice for you.

As with all of our STCW2010 Update packages, the 2 day option benefits from a discount over booking the courses individually, making this a handy and more cost effective way of ensuring you can continue your career at sea with up to date STCW certificates.

For your STCW training package you will be attending all elements of the course at our training facility in South Gloucestershire, with all training carried out on site by our expert team of experienced seafarers and front line service professionals.

Additional information

Course Dates:

24th – 25th June 2024, 15th – 16th July 2024, 5th – 6th August 2024, 19th – 20th August, 23rd – 24th September 2024, 14th – 15th October 2024, 28th – 29th October 2024, 11th -12th November 2024, 25th – 26th November 2024, 9th – 10th December 2024

91 reviews for 2 Day STCW2010 Update Training Package

  1. S. Ford

    Always a good course with vital, real life scenarios demonstrating how serious it can be. Willing to demonstrate and answer any questions necessary.

  2. W. Carpenter

    Fantastic facilities. Really good training in the quarry, good firefighting training, really enjoyed the good team camaraderie.

  3. Gail. S

    The best facility I’ve ever seen. The instructors are amazing, thank you!

  4. R Hill

    The trainers know their stuff and passed on everything they know with great professional ism, would highly recommend.

  5. S Chater

    Sabrina was an excellent instructor, great manner and control of the group, great experience and knowledge, same for John.
    Great location, easy to get to. Quarry facilities excellent. I was concerned over going into a quarry pool but the equipment was great and felt very safe with the instructor – same for the fire, always felt safe, better real world experience.

  6. P Davies

    Great instructors, loved every minute, I was learning from start to finish, looking forward to returning in 5 years, thanks guys!

  7. T Harris

    Great training, delivered at a great pace and professional presentation. All the instructors are a credit to the industry.

  8. A Reagen

    Excellent instructors, by far the best course. Definitely recommend to, it was made fun and enjoyable, very professional. Excellent

  9. K Westgarth

    The fire fighting was good, it was nice to learn something new and updated.
    This was the third time doing this course but the first time here and I felt it was easily the most interesting and informative.

  10. N Lally

    The course structure was great, with very informative instructors.

  11. P Dunbavand

    Very professional, can’t fault anything.

  12. P Riley

    The course was thorough and well conducted and the instructors were excellent.

  13. M Brock

    Brilliant course, really engaging, instructors are amazing and explain everything you don’t understand.

  14. Saul Dunbavand

    Great academy. Great team. 🙂

  15. James Murray

    Great tutorials. Excellent facilities.

  16. Richard Kitching

    Excellent course content, friendly environment and good to put all the classroom based learning into practise in a safe, controlled setting.

  17. Sophie Griffiths

    Extremely knowledgeable, they were very kind with me as I was very nervous. Overall a great course with fantastic instructors.

  18. Oliver Owen

    Well taught course and very informative.

  19. Katie Harrison

    Fantastic instructors, really patient and professional, I learnt a lot, great location. Thank you

  20. Emily

    Very well run course and an exceptional experience within the open water and the practical firefighting.

  21. Oliver Ponting

    Good refreshing the information. Instructors excellent and approachable.

  22. Mustafa F Rana

    Excellent location and facilities. Professional and knowledgeable staff.

  23. Joe Doyle

    Once again an excellent course! Such a great maritime asset in the South West!

  24. Toby Forester

    * Great facilities and great staff
    * Professional, but entertaining teaching style!
    * I’ll be back!

  25. Anna Phillips

    Great course, a good mix of theory and practical elements, delivered by great staff.

  26. Robert Kamner

    I am very pleased to accomplish this STCW Refresher course with the team of the SWMA. I will certainly recommend it to all my colleagues.

  27. Hannah Walker

    Good location, instructors are friendly and approachable, would recommend.

  28. Dean Shaw

    All good, course met all the expectations, all instructors are polite and friendly.

  29. Huan Xu

    Over expectations! What I have gained during these 2 days more than delivered. Such a good experience. Thank you all for everything. I will certainly recommend everyone to come here!

  30. Oliver C

    Well organised and a great teaching experience. The instructors provided a safe and friendly course.

  31. Gael JM

    Instructors and training absolutely spot on, Rob, John and Luc were all excellent with a professional and friendly attitude. Overall I can definitely take all the training with me. It was exceptional and exciting, it covered all areas of what needed updating. I will definitely recommend this course and facilities to others – Awesome Guys.

  32. Gareth W.

    Excellent venue + excellent trainers = excellent training.
    By far the best training centre I have attended since starting work at sea 12 years ago.

  33. Penelope Rowson

    This is my second time with South West Maritime Academy & it’s great to see the standards + professionalism is still excellent after 5 years. I felt safe & they had my best interests at heart. Great facilities & instructors – thanks for a fantastic time, I’ve learnt a lot – again! Cheers!

  34. Gareth Edwards

    All instructors were very clear and knowledgeable. All had a great sense of humour. A fantastic facility with even better staff that made the courses very fun and a great learning atmosphere.

  35. Martin Smith

    Relaxed, informative and fun. Thank you for a very informative & interesting 2 days. The teaching style was excellent.

  36. Ella Yeandle

    A very relaxed atmosphere as well as a high level of professionalism. Thank you very much!

  37. Sarah Muscat

    Great experience. Thank you, it has been very helpful to recap everything again.

  38. Ryan Diggle

    Great, Knowledgeable instructors. Good facilities. Happily come back and use you guys again.

  39. Gavin John (verified owner)

    Superb course, facilities and instructors. I’ve 30+ years experience and have attended courses at other establishments, I highly recommend SWMA as being the best.

  40. Philip Prime

    You Rock

  41. Natasha Fewings

    Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your patience. As it is a little scary with all the gear + in extreme context, you really helped put us at ease. Thank you

  42. Debbi Pretorius

    Enjoyed it being interactive – wasn’t being preached to. Instructors were very approachable. Been in the industry 10 years – best facility I’e trained at. Will 100% be using South West Maritime Academy for future courses. Thank you.

  43. Jack Harries

    Very practical approach to emergency response rather than a from the book standardised approach. Learnt a lot. Thanks 🙂

  44. Jade Proetta

    Very friendly, straight forward instructors. Safe and comfortable environment to do courses. Thank you! 🙂

  45. Shaun Peverley

    The course was well run and structured with good explanation and demonstrations. Very good and will recommend it to friends.

  46. Huw Clark

    Instructors were very knowledgeable with industry and outside experience and competencies.
    i) Very realistic & therefore valuable training.
    ii) Emphasis on practical work is reassuring.

  47. Jeff Greenland

    Brilliant course which was well run by professional instructors. The update courses were pitched at the right level and I felt I learnt a lot and refreshed my skills.

  48. Conrad Jacobs

    At first thought the location was a bit weird (due to being far from the sea) but in the end the location and the courses exceeded my expectation.

  49. Michael Brooks

    Excellent instructors. Well paced, well thought out courses.

  50. Paul Donnan

    The instruction and teaching was friendly + professional + well explained at a good level.
    Great staff, all well explained at a sensible level taking in to account the students’ knowledge and experience.

  51. Dave Redhead

    5/5 says it all! Brilliantly delivered by highly knowledgeable and friendly instructors. So much more realistic doing sea survival in an outdoor setting as opposed to a pool.

  52. Jack Morris

    Fantastic site, all instructors very knowledgeable.
    Very often during these courses you come across very tired, old kit. Not here. All relatively new + top of the range kit.
    Very impressed.

  53. James Taylor

    Instructors showed practical use of all the equipment and relevant techniques. Very friendly, open, knowledgeable instructors with excellent facilities which explain and show practical survival and fire fighting techniques.

  54. Tomos P.

    Instructors are very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had.
    Very friendly, they put you at ease about all tasks and always check if you are ok.
    Very good course; thoroughly enjoyable, fun but also very useful.

  55. David I.

    Good to have instructors who still work in the industry.
    Easy to talk to and no question too stupid.
    Pretty realistic training and nice to be outside.

  56. Donna-Marie F.

    Very professional, set a good pace for the course. I felt safe at all times within the practical aspects.
    All the instructors were very professional and friendly with a great sense of humour.
    Fantastic training centre, facilities and kit.
    Highly professional and competent instructors.
    I really enjoyed my training, thank you 🙂

  57. Josh T.

    Great balance of practical and theory.
    Clear and informative instructions from staff.
    Always felt safe and friendly vibe.

  58. Laura S.

    I really enjoyed the course and the instructors were very knowledgeable and approachable.

  59. Daniel S.

    Vastly superior to my initial course. Great pace in the teaching and instructors were readily available and happy to assist.
    An excellent update to my STCW qualification and South West Maritime Academy was highly recommended…. I can definitely see why!!

  60. Chloe Shapton

    Simple but very effective. Learnt different and new techniques. Improved my knowledge.

  61. Guy Pickthall

    The courses were well run.
    The instructors made you feel welcome and were very professional.

  62. Talitha S-H

    Friendly and efficient and a better depth of knowledge and learning than expected.
    Great short course.

  63. Mark Hart

    Very professional, clear and concise training; I’ll be back!

  64. Adam Roberts

    Great courses; I will definitely bring things back to the ship!

  65. Carragh Martineau

    Real glad it wasn’t death by Powerpoint!
    Thank you guys!

  66. Andrew Kelly

    A very professional experience.

  67. Jon Duval

    I learnt a few new skills that have changed since I have done other courses.

  68. William Walters-Symons

    Great hands on course, using real fire making you understand how to fight a fire properly and its stages.

  69. Edward John Lawrence

    Second time using South West Maritime Academy and I will use them again and recommend them to anyone.

  70. Dean Shaw

    All good, course met all expectations, all instructors polite and friendly.

  71. Hannah Walker

    Good location. Teachers friendly and approachable. Would recommend.

  72. Huan Xu

    Over expectations! What I gain this two days is more than the whole course. Such good experience. Thank you all for everything. I will certainly recommend for everyone here.

  73. Chris White

    Trainers were proficient, knowledgeable, course material was very up to date. New techniques taught and learnt. Facilities good but still evolving. All going the right way.

  74. Emily Foreman

    Amazing! felt very comfortable and safe at all times. More informative than my basic STCW 5 years ago. Thank you so much

  75. David Curnock

    Fantastic facilities, great knowledge/experience base

  76. Samuel Slamaker

    Lots of fun, very informative and well paced.

  77. Peter Sutton

    Instructors very knowledgeable, Friendly approach, good learning environment. Great course, very good content delivered clearly.

  78. Benjamin Chalke

    Excellent instructor, paces the course for all. Great course, the practical in the water was something other courses don’t provide and was a great experience. Definitely will recommend this course to others.

  79. Samantha Neal

    Love how much of a practical element is involved in this course! Being in a lake rather than a pool makes it so much more of a realistic situation. Felt very safe at all times, so pleased I came back for my refresher.

  80. Will Fiddy

    Excellent course run again by John and his team. Always very fun, always feel safe and professionally run. Will be back again in five years.

  81. Aaron Thomas

    All good thanks

  82. Rachel McDonald

    Well planned out. Thank you

  83. Adam Bibbings

    Very good course.

  84. Simon Weaver

    Gear and Instruction first rate. Content delivered with humour and enthusiasm.

  85. Peter Carss

    Excellent courses, well presented, will definitely be back to re-new.

  86. D Saunders

    The course was good well structured and stayed interesting.

  87. Sarah Longbone

    Excellent instruction, great location and facilities. Good timing of course and good variation between theory and practical

  88. Alex Sandford

    Better than Warsash! Very approachable instructors create friendly environment.

  89. Barry Gorman

    Extremely thorough and approachable, liked the relaxed professional atmosphere.

  90. Harriette Smith

    If I’m paying for a course then I want to learn! Definitely did that here, and had fun in to the bargain!

  91. Alec Brown

    Facilities are excellent, training refresher was conducted at a level which still made the course very interesting and enjoyable! Highly recommend.

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