Interview Guidance

Here are five golden rules when it comes to interviews:

  1. Ask Questions – before the interview it’s important and helpful to understand who will be in the interview, what the structure of the interview will be, what you need to bring with you (e.g. examples/evidence of work, training, qualifications).  If you’re not sure of anything, then ask.  It’s far better than assuming and getting it wrong!
  2. Dress the Part (=SMART) – even if you’re applying for a job where you’ll be wearing a polo shirt and jeans, make sure you dress to impress!
  3. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation – read up on the company and any awards or clients they have, you can do this just by using their website which is the easiest way, as well as finding any industry related information.  Understand the job you’re being interviewed for and have a list of questions to ask them – remember you want them to know you want to work for them and have an interest in their company!
  4. Feedback – always ask for feedback.  It’s fine to ask questions like ‘Do you have any concerns about my suitability for the role?’ and these can be really helpful when it comes to giving you an opportunity to explain something in more detail or show them evidence of something you’ve not had a chance to show them.
  5. It’s not Personal, It’s just Business – With all interviews, it is important to remember that any challenging questions, tasks or requirements are not there to trip you up but to give you an opportunity to demonstrate you have the skills, experience and knowledge to be successful in the job!